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Wikia is 140 million fans strong and ranked a Top 20 Site by Quantcast. We operate the world’s largest network of collaboratively published content on the web.

Wikia is home to over 400,000 communities for fans, by fans. We are often cited as the best source of accurate, dynamic, and fresh fan-authored information that is fueling virtually all aspects of popular culture: console and mobile games, cable and streaming TV shows, music festivals, big movie franchises, major sporting events, anticipated book releases, fashion trends and DIY, food and drink recipes, and current events on an international scale. Wikia's fan base continues to fuel consistent growth with over 2 billion global monthly page views in over 200 languages -- more than 40% of the traffic coming exclusively from mobile visits. Fans find their favorite fandoms through seven distinct and discoverable hubs.

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Whether fans are seeking the latest word on Dragon Age gameplay, adding details to Harry Potter’s family history, or looking for the perfect summer cocktail recipe, Wikia provides an environment for all superfan types to be original and empower their social presence through a creative and collaborative community.

Our Mission

Unleash the power of knowledge as influence. Wikia provides a trusted and customizable collaborative publishing platform on which everyone - really, everyone - can pursue a complete chronicle of what they know and love on subjects that range from video games, movies, TV, and books, to cars, cooking, crafts, education, and travel. By doing so, we empower the expert and satisfy the curious.

Enable personal and collective creativity. Our communities assemble on their own initiative and dwell as living, breathing entertainment destinations -- interconnected through a shared desire to create, collaborate, learn, and inform. The more you learn, the more you have to share. That magnetic appeal our fans organically generate is contagious and inspiring.

Distribute rich, original content. Collaboration is what makes Wikia’s content unique. Our site supports powerful search engine discovery and complementary curation tools for video, photo, text, quizzes, and more. Wikia contributors and readers return again and again for real, useful information -- visiting an average of 4.8 times per month to consume an average of eight pages each visit.

Our History

In 2006, Wikia, Inc. was created from the minds of Angela Beesley and Jimmy Wales, the creator of the free online, open-source encyclopedia, Wikipedia. Jimmy and Angela realized they could use their MediaWiki technology to support the high demand of popular culture topics like video games, movies, books, comics, music, TV, and lifestyle topics including sports, food/drink, travel, and more. Reigning as its own business platform for collaborative media publishing ever since, Wikia has more than 200 employees worldwide and is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Cologne, Tokyo, and Poznan, Poland.

Infinite and Interconnected

As the Social Universe for Fans, by Fans, we represent the infinite potential of collaboration. Content and fandom are interconnected, woven together through shared pursuit and dedication. Our network of communities is expansive, fresh and dynamic, but we operate as one.

The Social Universe of Fandom


It’s community first at Wikia, but if you’re curious, meet our executive team:


Craig Palmer CEO

Wikia’s Chief Executive Officer, Craig Palmer is leading the web’s largest network of collaboratively published entertainment, gaming, and lifestyle content into its next phase, with an emphasis on expanding efficient processes and rapidly scaling Wikia’s community, marketing reach, and revenue.

Craig has more than 25 years of industry experience, leading several diverse companies to success. Most recently, he was the President and CEO of Gracenote, a digital media pioneer whose content and technology is embedded in almost all top digital media brands.

During Craig’s eight years of leadership, Gracenote enjoyed a dramatic increase in revenue, employee growth, international scope, and industry footprint. The company was purchased by Sony in 2008 for $260 million. Prior to Gracenote, Craig helped lead Aspect Development, a market-leading supply chain management company, through an IPO and eventual sale for over $9 billion in 2000 – at that time, the largest software sale in history.

Walker Jacobs

Walker Jacobs COO

Walker Jacobs is Wikia’s Chief Operating Officer, having served in leadership positions at a wide range of media companies, including Thomson Reuters, Turner Broadcasting, and Clear Channel Outdoor. Walker has deep expertise in digital media, technology and advertising, as well as sports media and sponsorship sales. His focus at Wikia ranges sales leadership, general management and strategy, marketing, operations, business development, and licensing.

Ken Munekata

Ken Munekata President Wikia Japan

Ken spent almost 30 years at Sony, where he spent most of his career at Sony Pictures launching new pay TV ventures around the world, and later, as head of Sony Pictures in Japan, he was responsible for overseeing the entire range of activities including feature films, video, TV licensing, pay television, and local production. He was previously head of BBC Worldwide in Japan, where he helped expand business from TV program licensing to video publishing, Giant Screen program distribution, and Orbi, the world's first location-based entertainment center with Sega.


Owen Adams Senior Vice President of Product

Owen Adams is Wikia's Senior Vice President of Product. In his role, Owen and his team define and execute a product vision that allows the most influential fan base on the Web to connect and collaborate around the topics they are most passionate about, often in partnership with official brands and increasingly for syndication to mobile.

Prior to joining Wikia, Owen led UX and product discovery at BitTorrent. He built a team and defined the strategy for UX excellence across a line of products that serve over 170 million monthly active users. Owen was also responsible for exploring new products to leverage BitTorrent technology and provide more efficient ways for people to engage with content on the Web. Earlier in his career, Owen led product management and UX for Kodak Gallery (formerly Ofoto), helping to lead a turnaround that resulted in a sale to Shutterfly. Owen started his career at Intuit, holding various roles in product management, UX and operations.


William Schulze Senior Vice President of Business Development

William A. Schulze ("-was-" or "Bill") is Senior Vice President of Business Development and manages Wikia's world-wide business development group.

Business development at Wikia focuses on inbound licensing of 3rd party technology, content and data. The group also negotiates outbound licensing of Wiki's APIs which allow 3rd parties to integrate Wikia data into their applications and services. Additionally, the group oversees Wikia's corporate development, legal, and M&A functions.

"-was-" has a rich and diverse career in software technology having held a range of management positions across engineering, product management, content production, and business development. An early employee in the 1990s at Macromedia (acquired by Adobe), he has also worked for a number of leading bay area technology companies including Autodesk, Apple (Kaleida Labs), ION, and most recently at Gracenote, where he ran their worldwide business development efforts from 2007- 2012.


Bud Austin Chief Financial Officer

Bud Austin is the Interim Chief Financial Officer at Wikia.

Bud is responsible for overseeing Wikia’s financial affairs, including establishing policies and procedures to encourage scalable growth, managing financial reporting, and assisting the management team in setting strategic goals and objectives.

At Kranz & Associates, Bud has managed and directed the financial and administrative affairs of many early-stage technology companies, from initial funding to IPO. Over the past 15 years, he has helped raise more than $100 million in capital for many start-up businesses, including Preview Systems, Gracenote, Hyperic Corporation, SocialText, Inc., and

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For press inquiries, please email Rachel Carr.

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Our San Francisco office is located at:
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To contact a member of Wikia staff, please use the Contact Page.