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Wikia is a collaborative publishing platform that enables communities to discover, create, and share content on any topic in any language. Community-created wikis cover everything from the latest games, anime, music and TV shows to eco-friendly living and the world's best chocolate chip recipes.

With over 400,000 enthusiast communities attracting more than 145 million global unique visitors each month, Wikia is the largest user-generated media company and is a Top 25 site, according to Quantcast. Wikia was founded in 2004 by Jimmy Wales and Angela Beesley, and is headquartered in a brightly colored SOMA office in San Francisco, CA.
Wikia is looking for a dynamic community marketing manager to take on the challenge of marketing, engaging and retaining the 10,000 + people who start a community on Wikia each month and the millions more to come.

About the role

  • Develop marketing plan and define success metrics for growth, engagement & retention of Wikia's community founders.
  • Create compelling campaigns to increase awareness of wiki's as a collaborative publishing tool.
  • Employ email, company blog, forums and social media to create a platform for communication to and between wiki founders.
  • Develop online and physical events and contests (webbies, meet-ups, etc).
  • Own messaging and promotion of new product features for founders.
  • Represent the voice of the founder, providing insights to the product team.
  • This opportunity will start out as a contract position, with the ability to move to a full time staff role.

About You

You are a connector and are delighted by the concept of hundreds of strangers coming together to collaborate on something they love. You have a voice people listen to and love. Your friends look to you to know what the latest cool new web product is, and you have a hard time not commenting on everyone's facebook status updates. You are a strategic thinker that can keep their eye on the prize, while diving into the details and make stuff happen at all levels. You've marketed to consumers before and understand that nothing can buy a user's loyalty better than a great product and an authentic voice. You work well with others and play even better. If this sounds like you, we want to hear from you!


Please send resume and cover letter explaining why you are the ideal candidate to and include "Community Marketing Manager" in the subject line.