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Project Manager (Poznań, Poland)

As Project Manager, you will become a part of the development team, be in charge of process,daily scrums, release and sprint planning, track team progress, identify roadblocks, and create tools to facilitate software development processes.


  • Manage software projects for geographically dispersed teams in an Agile environment;
  • Cooperate with other Project Managers and Product Managers to ensure optimal project management solutions.


  • Run projects in an agile environment, participate in portfolio management;
  • Improve the productivity of the teams;
  • Ensure necessary communication;
  • Coordinate as needed with other players – Product Managers, Engineers & Project Managers.


  • At least 3 years experience of project management (including Agile environment);
  • General technical understanding of software programming, software releases, testing and QA;
  • Self-motivated and capable of managing multiple priorities;
  • Willing to be challenged and to develop management skills;
  • Able to communicate with the California team (during their morning business hours);
  • Ready to travel to the USA twice a year for three weeks;
  • Fluent English (written and verbal).

Benefits & Perks

Wikia offers a salary of up to 14 000 zł gross depending on level of experience, plus stock options. You’ll also get to expand your knowledge and skills with at least two fully paid professional conferences as well as 1 visit to our San Francisco office per year, team lunches, company trips and full pantry complete with delicious coffee, coke and cookies.

How to Apply

Send your resume and cover letter to Agnieszka Chojnowska at and include “Project Manager” in the subject line. Please send your CV in English.

Also, include the following legal gibberish somewhere in your CV:

Wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie moich danych osobowych dla potrzeb niezbędnych przy realizacji procesu rekrutacji zgodnie z Ustawą z dn. 29.08.97 o Ochronie Danych Osobowych (DZ.U. nr 133, poz. 883).

If you're an active Wikipedia or Wikia editor, please include also your username.