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Who's read the awesome sci-fi novel Ready Player One? It's a 2011 best-seller by Ernest Cline set in the virtual world of MMORPG called the Oasis. A bunch of us at Wikia think it’s a great read and would make for a wonderful wiki due in large part to all the '80s movie, TV, and video game references in it. Film rights have also been optioned by Warner Bros. So who's interested in starting and contributing to the wiki?!

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Just when you thought you’d be stuck in rerun hell until Fall TV season rolled around, a flock of new summer series hits the airwaves. Leading the pack is the highly anticipated return of HBO’s True Blood (now in its fifth season). For fans of primetime soap operas, a 21st century take on the classic Dallas is set to premiere on TNT. And for the sci-fi buff, season two of Steven Spielberg’s Falling Skies (also on TNT) is sure to impress.

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