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The 2013 midseason lineup offers a staggering array of compelling choices for the discriminating viewer, from returning hits amping things up to fall freshman series hitting their stride to brand new series with attention-catching concepts and/or promising pedigrees. Dive into our sampling of what your TV – and even your video streaming services – has to offer to keep you entertained well into springtime, and delve even deeper into the shows that capture your fancy...

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  • OnceUponATime hero 011413

    Gcheung28 Says:
    Cool news, Oncers! Our favorite show is expanding into the literary realm! Entertainment Weekly reports that Once Upon a Time is debuting a fantasy novel from Disney-owned Hyperion books.

  • Grimm hero 011713

    Leo rising Says:
    kay, i'm just expressing some thoughts/opinions/questions i have after last night's episode. feel free to comment..would love to hear what other people think. i love grimm, but i must admit i found this episode somewhat confusing...

  • Gameofthrones hero 022213

    Gcheung28 Says:
    We are SO close to the premiere of Season 3 and the return of one of our favorite shows to TV! In a little over a week, Game of Thrones will be back in our lives and we cannot be more excited! There were so many questions with the finale of Season 2...

  • Thesearchairbender hero 030813

    Kate.moon Says:
    As you may have heard, I had the chance to interview Gene Yang and grill him a little bit about The Search and whether we'll finally uncover one of the greatest mysteries in Avatar universe: what happened to Ursa?

  • Catchingfire hero 031213

    Gcheung28 Says:
    In case you missed it last week, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire released some GREAT promotional photos on their Capitol Couture site. These "Capitol Portraits" featured some new and old characters...


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