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While mainstream Hollywood is steering clear of the box office behemoth that’s sure to be The Hunger Games, perhaps Indonesian actioner The Raid: Redemption can pose a satisfactory alternative to sold out performances... that’s if you can find the film in limited release.

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Does Kiefer Sutherland's small screen return have the Touch? Are you mad about Mad Men season five? All we know is that a "War is Coming" this April on Game of Thrones.

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  • Hungergames hero 032312

    Angry birds12 Says:
    OMG!!! I just saw the movie and something caught my eye (all the movie...). But i also noticed when the Careers trapped Katniss in the tree, Glimmer flirted with Cato and when they were all asleep, GLIMMER AND CATO WERE SNUGGLED UP TOGETHER!!!! What do you think?

  • Avengers hero 032712

    Kate Moon Says:
    Hollywood Reporter just released these awesome individual pictures of our Avengers assembled and ready for battle. How will some of Marvel's greatest heroes stack up in the box office? Weigh in below!

  • Thundercats hero 032712

    Srebak Says:
    I'm sure some of you might have heard that Pumyra is supposed to be in the new series, she's even supposed to have her own story. The question is, what should we expect? A lot of fans, myself included, are hoping that she'll be Lion-O's new love interest. Others are hoping that she'll be a girly girl in contrast Cheetara's tomboy. What do you think will happen?

  • Dragonball hero 032712

    4starz Says:
    I believe a important part of this wiki is its members. I also believe that the users should be somewhat comfortable with each other so I want to create a blog to help. I want everyone to comment some thing that they like (can be anything appropriate) for others to see on this blog so people can kind of get to know each other.

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