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A study on GenZ by Wikia finds that teen users are connected nearly all waking hours of the day and report being more “actively connected” now than even 3 months ago

SAN FRANCISCO, CA. – March 18, 2013 – Wikia, the world’s leading collaborative media company and home to many of the Web’s largest pop culture communities, today released findings from a study conducted among its 13-18 year-old users in association with Ipsos MediaCT “GenZ: The Limitless Generation” exploring the complex behaviors of teens and technology. According to the online survey, Wikia found its GenZ users say they are more actively connected now than they were just three months ago, giving a glimpse into a constantly connected, complex demographic that is changing more quickly than any generation before them.

The extensive online survey of more than 1,200 U.S. Wikia users aged 13 to 18, better known as Generation Z, uncovers distinct trends in how today’s youth is connected nearly all waking hours of the day; engaging with open-platform communication and information sharing. The study shows what social sites these GenZers are visiting the most, the reasons they are using specific online sources, reasons why they are contributing to websites, and how they see technology as a vital part of their future. Additionally, the results unveil the gender gap within our youngest generation, as well as the influence they have on purchase decisions within their households.

“As the father of an upcoming GenZer, and through my experience creating and developing collaborative publishing platforms, it is clear that this generation is using technology in a way that is smarter, more involved and beneficial to their future,” said Jimmy Wales, Co-Founder, Wikia. “Everyone can learn from the ways in which this unbounded, younger generation interacts with technology and are able to quickly adapt to this rapily changing media landscape.”

GenZers (ages 13-18) represent 8.3% of the total U.S. population according to the 2010 Census. comScore estimates that this segment represents an even larger proportion of users on Wikia (16.8%) – a platform with usage by over 70 million global collaborators.

Highlighted trends revealed by the survey include:

These GenZers report spending almost every waking hour online (some even while at church!):

o All (100%) are connected for 1+ hours per day, but about half (46%) are connected 10+ hours per day.

o One-in-four (25%) are actively connected (checking email, messages, etc.) within five minutes of waking up, while nearly three-in-four (73%) are connected in an hour or less.

o There are few “sacred” times away from technology. Three-in-five (63%) say they are “unplugged” during work/school. However, only 44% say they are “unplugged” while at religious services, 44% say they are “unplugged” while doing homework/studying and 45% say they are ”unplugged” while playing sports/exercising.

o Nearly half (47%) say they are more actively connected now than they were three months ago. Two-in-five (41%) say their connectivity is about the same and only 12% say they are less actively connected. Among those who say their tablet is the most useful device they own, 63% say they are more actively connected now than three months ago.

o Nine-in-ten of these GenZers (93%) say they visit YouTube at least once a week and 54% visit multiple times per day, while just 65% say they visit Facebook weekly and only 38% visit multiple times per day. Other social media services some visit on a weekly basis are Twitter (26%), Google+ (26%), and Instagram (17%).

o Some contribute to share their knowledge, others just like to share their opinions with others. Among those who contribute to websites, 60% like to share their knowledge with others and 55% say they like to share their opinion with others. Only 31% of those who contribute to websites do so in order to feel good about themselves, and even fewer do so to show that they are smarter than others (14%). The top two reasons for contributing are that doing so is entertaining and fun (70%) and that they like to learn new things (64%).

o Three-quarters (76%) agree that their experience with technology will help them reach their goals. Two-thirds (66%) agree that technology makes them feel like anything is possible. Less than half (43%) agree that they value the time when they’re unplugged.

o Their influence on friends & family purchase decisions vary by category. When it comes to entertainment, they influence parents most for movies (16% say they influence their parents “ a lot” when it comes to movies) and friends most for video games (38% say they influence their friends “a lot” when it comes to video games).

o These GenZers have especially strong influence on packaged/fast foods and technology brands: 47% say their advice has had “a lot” or “a little” influence on a purchase of Apple® iPad®, 40% say the same for OREO®, 40% for SUBWAY®, 38% for DORITOS®, 36% for MOUNTAIN DEW®, and 35% for Pizza Hut®. Low on their list are eco-friendly products and wholesome foods or beverages. “This study into Generation Z is important because it allows us to share with marketers and advertisers the user habits of this highly engaged, highly active section of our growing community,” said Jennifer Betka, SVP of Marketing at Wikia. “This study emphasizes how teens are engaging, contributing, sharing and learning on open platforms in pursuit of greater potential and connectedness.”

About the Study

“GenZ: The Limitless Generation – A Survey of the 13-18 Year-Old Wikia Audience” was conducted online by Ipsos MediaCT from December 17, 2012 to February 4, 2013 with 1,203 Wikia users aged 13-18 (GenZ). Respondents were recruited to take an online survey via banner advertisements on the various sites and via direct emails sent by Wikia to registered users of the community. To qualify for the survey, respondents needed to be between the ages of 13 to 18 and residents of the United States. The median survey duration was 27 minutes. Statistical margins of error are not applicable to online polls. All sample surveys and polls may be subject to other sources of error, including, but not limited to coverage error and measurement error.

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