What is a Wikia ParentPage?
Wikia is the home to thousands of deeply knowledgeable and passionate communities that know their topics of interest better than anyone else online. Parents are looking for accurate and useful factual information when researching the games, TV shows, movies, anime, and books that their kids consume.

Wikia ParentPages aim to be that ultimate pop-culture guide for parents created by the fans that know pop culture best.

The goal is to get the community fill in their ParentPage with information expressly aimed at giving parents that accurate and useful information that will help them make responsible and informed choices about what their kids consume.
How does my community participate? Who should participate?
1. Go to your ParentPage: You can get there by pasting /wiki/Project:ParentPage to the end of your url. In other words, if your site is, you'd want to go to

Once there, you can cut and paste the most appropriate ParentPage template onto your ParentPage.

2. Fill out the fields with the relevant facts: The fields in the template are there to guide you on providing information we think would be most helpful to parents. You should work with your community to fill it out; the more who are involved, the more accurate the ParentPage is likely to be. We’re hoping the pages will primarily contain information about the property you love, so please try to provide as much in-depth information that you know parents can’t find elsewhere.

3. Add a link to your ParentPage: We'd love for communities to proudly display and promote this new page, so we're asking communities to please link to it in their navigation and also on their Main Page.

What should I do if my community covers multiple games or includes multiple formats (video game, TV show, and more)?
Since there’s only one ParentPage per community, you’ll need to cover all the information on one page. Most communities with multiple sequels all in one format (ie: Call of Duty) choose to provide info per game/sequel/version per field. For example, under rating, list each game and the rating for each game. Or list the rating, and which games fall under each. For multiple formats, most communities have handled this by using multiple templates stacked on one page. For example, the TARDIS Data Core creates separate sections for television, audio recordings, books, etc., and lists information under each section for each.
How can I be added to ParentPages portal? Or get help help with my ParentPage?
We are tracking pages as they’re created, so we’ll update our list of participating communities regularly as well as promote the most timely and relevant pages. But if you’d like to bring special attention to your page or have questions about creating a page, please send us a message via Special:Contact. Also, make sure you've taken a gander at our ParentPages documentation.