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December 2008

"Fallout 3 Your Ultimate guide to the Wastelands now online" - Video Game Watchdog gives a shout-out to our ultimate guide to the wastelands of Fallout3

October 2008

"Jimmy Wales' Wikia Search Project Launches Apps" - BusinessWeek details the launch of an application framework for Wikia Search

"New Wikia interface enables search-results apps" - CNET discusses the latest news from the Wikia Search project

"Wikia lets companies add their widgets as search results" - VentureBeat covers the latest news from the Wikia Search project

"Wikia Lets Programmers Integrate Content from Twitter, Digg" - eWEEK also covers the new Wikia Search API

"Wikia Launches WISE Search Application Framework to Create Massive Mashups" - CenterNetworks covers the Wikia Search application framework

September 2008

"The TH Interview: Jimmy Wales—Wikifying Green Knowledge (Part One)" - TreeHugger interviews Jimmy about Wikia Green

"Introducing Wikia Green" - Ecofabulous details the goals and objectives of Wikia Green

"Jimmy Wales Comes Clean with Green Wikia" - Earth2Tech details the launch of Wikia Green

"Wikia Goes Green" - EcoLocalizer discusses the launch of Wikia Green

"Jimmy Wales Is Going All Green With Wikia Green" - La Marguerite encourages readers to contribute to the efforts at Wikia Green

June 2008

"Wissen für alle leicht gemacht" - German article about Wikia

"Jimmy Wales: Wikia Search Finally Doesn’t Suck" - TechCrunch examines the latest updates to Wikia's open source search project and concludes that "Wikia Search is beginning to suck a lot less."

"Wikia Search launches the hackable search engine" - CNET's Webware tries out the latest features on Wikia Search and notes it likes "...the idea of an open and transparent search engine."

"Wikia Search opens up to broad participation" - IDG News details the evolution of the Wikia Search project as new features are rolled out.

May 2008

"Lighten up, Indiana Jones is escapism and we love it" - The Post and Courier covers the Indiana Jones Wiki as part of its review of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

April 2008

"Real Estate Wikis: A Leg Up in a Difficult Market" - LinuxInsider explores the use of wikis for the world of real estate.

"Wikia Search Launches Major Enhancements to Search Alpha" - CenterNetworks calls the latest search updates "a positive step forward".

"Search Wikia takes a step closer to the promise of ’search meets Wikipedia'" - VentureBeat covers the newest features of Wikia's search engine.

January 2008

"Screw Madden, Let Tecmo Bowl Decide The Super Bowl Winner" - Kotaku covers ArmchairGM's Tecmo Super Bowl preview to Super Bowl XLII.

"Madden, Tecmo Bowl pick Patriots to win Super Bowl" - GamePro reports on ArmchairGM's Tecmo Super Bowl preview to Super Bowl XLII.

"Patriots Win the (Simulated) Super Bowl, Twice" - Yahoo! Tech writes about ArmchairGM's Tecmo Super Bowl preview to Super Bowl XLII.

"Where There's A Wiki, There's A Way" - reports on Wikia Search.

"Wikia Search Eyes Google" - The New York Post reports on Wikia Search.

"Wikia announces open-source search engine" - The San Jose Mercury News reports on Wikia Search.

"Wikia Search Engine Goes Live Today" - IDG News Service reports on Wikia Search.

"Open source search effort starts" - BBC reports on Wikia Search.

"Wikia Wants to Shake Up Search" - reports on Wikia Search.

"Wiki Citizens Taking on a New Area: Searching" - The New York Times reports on Wikia Search.