Qwizards is an original collaborative quiz show that pits Wikians in a three-way battle of expert level trivia with one twist: everyone asks questions. Round after epic round, contestants fight to out-quiz each other to win the title of Wikia’s Ultimate Qwizard!

Guardians of the Galaxy Summer Edition 2014
Qwizards - Guardians of the Galaxy Summer Edition 201409:52

Qwizards - Guardians of the Galaxy Summer Edition 2014

Season 2
Qwizards - X-Men Summer Edition 201413:04

Qwizards - X-Men Summer Edition 2014

Episode 1
Qwizards - Transformers Summer Edition 201411:34

Qwizards - Transformers Summer Edition 2014

Episode 2
Qwizards - Guardians of the Galaxy Summer Edition 201409:52

Qwizards - Guardians of the Galaxy Summer Edition 2014

Episode 3
Meet the Qwizards

Username: Jamie
AKA: Jamie
Location: Canada

Username: MrBlonde267
AKA: William
Location: USA

Username: Kyletheobald
AKA: Kyle
Location: USA

Username: Nausiated
AKA: Nick
Location: New York

Username: LordTJ
AKA: Travis
Location: Atlanta

Username: JustinDBX
AKA: Justin
Location: Tallahassee

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Qwizards LIVE - SXSW25:24

Qwizards LIVE - SXSW

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Qwizards - Episode 107:18

Qwizards - Episode 1

Episode 1
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Episode 10
Meet the Qwizards

Username: Kranitoko
AKA: Charlie
Location: UK


Username: Shrev64
AKA: Shravan
Location: USA


Username: CrackLawliet
AKA: Dan
Location: USA


Username: Niwa Girl
AKA: Kaitlin
Location: USA


Username: Oobooglunk
AKA: Daniel
Location: USA


Username: GakidoForce
AKA: Sonny
Location: USA


Username: EmLee023
AKA: Emily
Location: Australia


Username: EmroxNG
AKA: Marty
Location: USA


Username: MissHedonistic
AKA: Carrie
Location: USA


Username: Tatiora
AKA: Kristy
Location: USA


Username: Lacedaemonius
Location: Unknown


Username: Pyrrhickong
AKA: Tommy
Location: USA


1) Which Decepticon was killed in Transformers: The Movie?

Answer: Starscream

2) Which Dinobot transforms into a Pteranodon?

Answer: Swoop

3) Which actor has voiced every iteration of Optimus Prime?

Answer: Peter Cullen

4) What legendary actor/director voiced Unicron in the 1986 film Transformers: The Movie?

Answer: Orson Welles

5) In the Beast Wars animated series, what animal does Optimus Primal transform into?