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"Never underestimate the power of minimal design."
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Three Tips
1. If something is wrong, fix it. You don't need to ask permission, this is a wikia and wikias are built on community construction!

2. Never underestimate the power of minimal design, as long as it is a common theme throughout the wikia and it isn't too little or even none at all. A little design can go a lot farther than tons of colorful, bright imagery in your face.

3. Try to limit categories. Too many categories are a pain to maintain and lose the purpose of categorizing things. If you can find a way to use less categories, then that is generally the better way.

One Trick
In your account preferences, you can set it so that you get emailed whenever an edit is made on a page that you follow. Then you can just click the random page button over and over again and follow all the pages everywhere. Then, you can make it so that, whenever an edit is made anywhere, you are emailed about it. Once you've followed a ton of pages, start following categories in case new articles are made.

Ask me about
Community support, and how to motivate and reward users with editing and projects.