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"Converting casual readers into faithful contributors is rooted in getting them addicted to the site."
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Three Tips

1. A strong community is your most powerful tool. More so than any wiki tool or template, a team of passionate editors is crucial and is always greater than the sum of those same individuals. Ask for feedback often and respect everyone's feedback, even if the wiki decides to head in a different direction.

2. Be patient. Be patient with edits. Be patient with new users. Be patient with complex templates. Building a wiki with 100,000 pages took 7 years of coordinated effort by hundreds of passionate and dedicated contributors (see tip #1).

3. Code is your friend. Master the art of the template. Every hour you spend learning how to code a solid template will save you 10 hours crafting pages later.

One Trick

Keep it fresh, especially the main page. Converting casual readers into faithful contributors is rooted in getting them addicted to the site. Something as simple as 'New Comics This Week' will often do. A stale site with the same old content doesn't attract a growing community. A weekly update to the main page is a good goal, but daily is best. Anything more frequent than daily is usually overkill.

Ask me about

Where do I start when I am trying to document the complete history of something? The answer is simple: Start with what you know, and what you enjoy writing about. Don't worry about writing about the popular topics. If those aren't what you enjoy writing about, someone else will fill in those gaps. There is never a shortage of people wanting to write about Spider-Man or Superman. A founder's job is to write the complete history of Willie Lumpkin, the 'nobody'.