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"Don't be afraid to make mistakes -- be bold!"
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Three Tips
1. Don't feel troubled when contacting administrators and users who are willing to help on a wikia. They are there to help you and, if you don't request for help, you won't be able to make your intended contribution. Ask a lot of questions if you need to, and become adapted with the wikia to improve your contour of editing.

2. Socialize and work together with the community. If you think you can, help any user who may need it, contribute to forums and discussions, and respect users who disagree with you. Being communal with the community will raise your reputation and may even inspire inexperienced users!

3. Don't be afraid to make mistakes -- be bold! Always make sure to review and proofread your edits before publishing and contributing. Even in a dispute with another user, think before you post; you don't want to discourage them or insult them, which could hurt your reputation and cause them to possibly leave.

One Trick
If you're intending to personalize a wikia, a great way to test things out first is to create your own personal wikia. You can gain experience with coding, design, and other format matters before making an immediate change. You can even work on your personal skills to help yourself with different communities.

Ask me about
CSS and HTML coding. I have a lot of experience with such matters, and I will do my best to assist your input.