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"Nothing is permanent on Wikia, so don't be afraid to learn by trial and error."
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Three Tips

1. Watch, and learn. Don't be afraid to edit. Even if you make a mistake, nothing is permanent on Wikia, so don't be afraid to learn by trial and error. If someone corrects an edit you made, check the changes from the Wiki Activity page. Learn the basics in visual mode, but don't be afraid to dive into the more complex source mode. If you want to learn how to do something, study the source code and try to emulate it.

2. Work together. My home wiki wouldn't be nearly as cool as it is without help from other Wikia users. If you want to make your wiki look cooler, take a look at similar wikis. Look around and see what neat features they've implemented. By browsing other wikis, you can find some really interesting ideas to implement in your own wiki. If you're not sure how, ask for help. BLWiki wouldn't be nearly as awesome without the help of other users like Tierre and Noemon. Conversely, if someone needs your help, don't be afraid to collaborate. Wikia is about sharing knowledge and taking part of a community. In order for that community to grow, you've got to work together.

3. Be friendly. This applies to new users, administrators, and those who are trying to kickstart a community. Remember to always assume good faith, and give the benefit of the doubt. Being rude is a sure way to create animosity in a community. A little goodwill goes a long way!

One Trick

The one thing I that I always do is remove thumbnails. I hate them. They annoy me, and they should all go away. Okay, maybe that's a little mean, but they just irk me with their ugliness. I always remove the word "thumb" from the source code to make it look neater and sharper. Then, I add a neat hidden caption you can read by scrolling over it with the mouse. This makes everything tighter and more compact. Really, source code is useful all around. After you edit for a while, you'll find that visual mode just won't cut it.

Ask me about

I don't know. I get plenty of (mostly) positive feedback from my blogs, and people frequently ask me when and where they can find them. As to the former, I'd say look on the Wikia Video Games page, or on The Stockpile. As for when, well, whenever I feel the least lazy.