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"Edit how you know!"
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Three Tips

1. Don't be shy! I see a lot of users who are confused at first, but don't feel comfortable asking questions. Many of the established users are there to help you get along, and have been at the beginning themselves, so they can make sure you don't feel any confusion.

2. Don't get discouraged! Joining a Wiki with thousands of articles and a lot of users can be intimidating at first, but that should only motivate you to be the best editor that you can be. (If you're not sure how, refer to tip 1!)

3. Edit how you know! Particularly knowledgeable on one facet of your Wiki? Stick to it until you get acquainted enough to branch out. Every edit counts, from fixing mislinks from disambiguation pages all the way to code grinding to make an awesome new template or feature.

One Trick

I have frequently looked to other Wikis for ideas. Not necessarily to take in their entirety, but rather to be inspired to make something awesome for my own Wiki. Wikia is such a large community, full of different ideas, almost like our own world with different countries and cultures, so don't be afraid to explore and get influenced!

Ask me about

How do I get involved? If there's but one question, this would be the one to set their Wikia career in motion. I love it when I get a private message asking me "Where do I start?" Getting users off on the right foot is a rewarding experience for myself and them.