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The Hole heavyweight fight round 2

Friday night monster fights!

Fallout Heavyweight Semi-Final 2
In this week's main event in Nukapedia's Hole, Horrigan takes on Keene in a battle of beef versus beef. Get in on the action!

Can You Beat the Wizard?
DragonEx on the Dragonvale wiki posted a dastardly six-question quiz. Check it out.

Skyrim Dawnguard Perk Trees
Prep for next week's release (drool) by boning up on the new character perk trees for Vampire Lords and Werewolfs.

Zombie jombie

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We Heart Darksiders II
Well, maybe 'heart' is the wrong word. We are grotesquely enamored with this action adventure (8/14/12), which casts you as the Horseman of Death. Yahtzee!

Do You Zombie Jombie?
This zombie card game for iPhone is also one of our fastest growing game wikis. After getting sucked into it last night, we know why.

The Pulse on Dragon's Dogma wiki

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  • ReadyPlayerOne hero 062012
    Bchwood Says:
    A bunch of us at Wikia think the science-fiction book Ready Player One, with all of its gaming, movie, and animé references, would make for a great wiki. Who's interested in starting the wiki with us?
  • Assassins creed large
    Master Sima Yi Says:
    With the Electronic Entertainment Expo drawing ever closer, lots of news about Assassin's Creed III and the recently leaked Assassin's Creed III: Liberation will be revealed soon. For your comfort I, or we, will gather all information into this blog and thus also give you a place to discuss the expo.
  • Theelderscrolls5skyrimdawnguard
    Blood Reaper Says:
    Bethesda recently made a Beta sign up for the new upcoming DLC Dawnguard. If you haven't seen the trailer yet click...
  • Nintendo-Grungy-Logo
    BlackLodge Says:
    Nintendo will hold it's annual E3 press conference on Tuesday, June 5th at 9:00am PT. During this conference it is expected that Nintendo will reveal further details pertaining to the Wii U and it's games.

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