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Star Wars: The Old Republic
Bioware announced that the massively multiplayer online game will go free-to-play this fall. According to EA, the game will be available for $15 starting August 7, which includes a month of free play. Score.

This week, in The Hole
This week’s cyber fight on Nukapedia sees Deputy Weld face off against Yes Man in the Semi-Finals 1. Drop into the Pitt and Vote now!

And, speaking of Fallout, did you know that September 30 marks the 15th anniversary of the first game? We're rounding up ideas for celebrating. Head on over to Nukapedia to chime in.

Dishonored: A-List Voice Cast
Bethesda has been rubbing elbows in Hollywood. The A-list talent so far lined up to voice Dishonored includes Susan Sarandon, Lena Headey, and John Slattery. Click here for 189 pages on Dishonered info.

Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel
Thought Army of Two: the 40th Day was pretty gritty? Think again. EA announced a new Army of Two for PS3 and Xbox 360 called The Devil's Cartel, which they are calling "more intense, mature, and grittier." Decide for yourself.


Some pretty cool new trailers dropped last week. The latest for Pokemon: Black and White Version 2 gives us a deeper look at the characters and storyline. Discover it, along wit the preceding trailers, here. Bethesda released an interactive trailer for Dishonored- choose one of three daring escapes. Another interactive trailer was released for the fifth installment in the Crysis series- giving you the option to control modes. And you can get your beta on with the new Planetside 2 trailer.

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  • 250px-DUST514 logonew

    JAlbor Says:

    Hello there EVE players. With the release of DUST 514 on the horizon, many of you undoubtedly have questions about the game and how it relates to the rest of the EVE universe. Well, now you can ask CCP yourself!
  • Images

    Dak47922 Says:
    This app lets you view the Terraria Wiki with very little effort on a mobile device. A simple two stage process is used, type what you wish to view into the search bar, press the search button.

  • Masseffectashley

    Galvascream Says:
    Hey, guys. I'm just looking for an opinion on what people play as during their Mass Effect saga. This is essentially a recap, with major decisions asked as polls, just so I can get a sense of what people normally play as.

  • Blue Fire Dragon - Juvenile

    The Need For Speed Top Racer Says:
    Heya Guys , this is my ideas and contest blog i made for you to have fun ! Comment a dragon idea and I'll will help find an appropiate reason for this to be a possible dragon ideas , or maybe comment with a reason for any of the available dragon ideas , or answer a contest from the below , have fun !

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