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Leon Scott Kennedy is an American agent for the Division of Security Operations (D.S.O.). Formerly, Leon was a police officer with the Raccoon City Police Department (R.P.D.) for only one day, and was later recruited as an agent for the U.S. Federal Government after the incident in Raccoon City.

Leon is a crack shot with his handgun, being able to easily get head shots from over fifty yards. In Resident Evil 6 Leon has the ability to Dual Wield handguns against the C-Virus infected Zombies. He is also proficient with other firearms. M203 grenade launcher (which was attached to an M4) to great effect, using it to bring a walkway down on a mutated Curtis Miller. During his mission to the Eastern Slav Republic, Leon carried a customized AKMSU , which he used to fight Lickers and Tyrants.

King Pig has devised schemes to steal the eggs in:
King Pig is the main antagonist of the Angry Birds series of games. He is the leader of the infamous Bad Piggies. He desires to use his group of pig minions to capture three unhatched eggs from the birds for food. His plans are usually thwarted by the Birds.

In addition to his large bulk, he can be easily identified by the shining golden crown. It is jewled with bright sapphires. He often opts for headgear appropriate to the climate.

His devious plan to steal eggs include replacing the eggs with cardboard cutouts, utilizing a raft, fleeing on a raft through jungles, cities, and clouds, lassoing the eggs down from the nest, and digging underground. He serves as the last boss of each episode, but somehow always manages to come back.
Some of his minions are:
King Pig makes his debut in:

Sackboy (or Sackgirl) is the name of the generic avatar in LittleBigPlanet. Sackboy is made of sackcloth and stuffing, with stitches clearly visible at the top of his head, and a large zipper down the front of his/her chest. SackPeople are apparently only 8 centimeters tall. Sackpeople are stuffed with fluff and (believe it or not) ice cream!

Sackboy can be killed in various ways; crushed between cramped up spaces, get squashed by a heavy objects, blown up to smithereens by explosives, disintegrated by a plasma ball, get electrocuted, dissolved by a horrible gas, get stabbed by a knife, get the stuffing knocked out of them by a spike or shuriken, or even get incinerated by flammable objects. With the addition of the Pirates of the Caribean pack, Sackpeople are now able to drown.
Sackboy builds with:
Sackboy can wear:

Jin Kazayma appears in these Tekken titles:
Jin Kazama is a character in the Tekken fighting game series, appearing in every installment since his introduction in Tekken 3. Jin is the son of Jun Kazama and Kazuya Mishima. A malevolent entity inside Kazuya called Devil attempted to enter Jin before he was born but was fought off. As Jin grew older, the great evil Ogre would appear and Jin's mother would go missing. Jin was taken in by his grandfather, Heihatchi Mishima.

Jin's actions fit the typical 'tragic hero'. All traumatic events that have occured in his life have been out of his control. His father and grandfather would both later betray him.

Jin's personality ranges from calm to angry within moments. Once his mind is focused on a goal, it's near impossible to pull him from it. Even those Jin is close to, such as Xiaoyu and Hwoarang, tend to resort to extremes to get his attention.

Theoden was the last of the Second Line of Rohan Kings. Former Kings of the Second Line include:
Théoden is the seventeenth King of Rohan and the last of the royal house of Eorl. Théoden is the oldest song of Thengel and became king after his father was killed in TA 2980. When his sister, Théodwyn, and her husband were killed, he adopted their children Éomer and Éowyn.

Once the time of the War of the Ring had arrived, Théoden had been King of Rohan for nearly 40 years. He grew old, tired, and became misled and controlled by his chief advisor Grima. Grima was actually allied to Saruman. Théoden's loose grip of the throne, along with deteriorating health due to poison, allowed Grima to create an increasingly tight hold over him.

Gandalf and Aragorn would help Théoden break from Saruman's control. Once his mind was his own, he commanded his nephew to be released and called the Riders of Rohan into battle against Saruman.
Théoden's titles include...
Théoden was born on/died on:

The Poison Dragon loves people. Not for breakfast, it just thinks they're great company. Unfortunately, people don't often react well to their deadly neurotoxin. Best to watch it play with its own kind from a safe distance.

The Poison Dragon can be bred by mating any Plant Dragon type with any Fire Dragon type. Breeding a Plant Dragon and a Fire Dragon may also create a Flower Dragon. Flower Dragon might be Poison Dragon's kinder and gentler brother. Is Poison Dragon jealous?

When born, Poison Dragon has a bunch of great automated names to choose from. He likes Greeny, Flicker, Acorn, Cinder, Vulcan, and, maybe most of all, Steve. As he grows up, Poison Dragon grows exponentially in both juvenile and adult form!
Poison Dragon dislikes...

Sephiroth was born to Professor Hojo and Lucrecia Crescent approximately twenty-seven years before Final Fantasy VII. Before Sephiroth's birth, Hojo and Lucrecia were working as assistants to Professor Gast, Shinra Electric Power Company's top scientist, on the Jenova Project.

The project studied the remains of an extra-terrestrial entity known as Jenova. Hojo injected cell samples from Jenova into the pregnant Lucrecia and her unborn baby. Lucrecia carried Sephiroth to term, his fetal form merging with the Jenova cells as he developed.

After his birth, Shinra raised Sephiroth to be a super soldier. They told him nothing of his mother except that her name was "Jenova," and that she died during childbirth.
Sephiroth's weapons are...
Sephiroths attacks include...

Elza is affiliated with... Elza's enemies are...
After losing his entire family at a young age, he has known little more than the life of a mercenary, wandering through desolate lands from one battlefield to another.

Elza has grown tired of the everyday fighting needed to simply feed himself, and dreams of one day becoming a knight. Little does he know that a mysterious encounter on his first mission on Lazulis Island will change his life forever...

Elza is the sub-leader of a band of mercenaries of which his best friend, Dagran, commands. He met Dagran after a group of bandits burned down the village in where he lived, stole their valuables and killed his family.
Elza's skills are...
  • Power Strike
  • Gale
  • Spirit Attack
Elza's secondary skills are...
  • Gathering
  • Gathering Burst
  • Vertical Slice

Born to a British father and Mohawk mother, Connor Kenway was raised among his mother's tribe. He suffered severely during his childhood, largely from the tribe's encounters with European colonists.

These events prompted him to seek justice for his people and fight tyranny wherever he saw it. His endeavours eventually led to him joining the Assassin Order in 1770, as well as adopting the name "Connor" in order to more easily move through colonial circles.

Five years later, the American Revolutionary War erupted, and Connor found himself siding with the leaders of the American revolution, namely George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, partially due to his belief in the ideals that they represented.
Connor uses...

Ellie's favorites are...
  • Hobbies: Listening to music, reading books
  • Color: Green
Ellie is one of the protagonists of the upcoming game The Last of Us. She is a 14-year-old survivor of the infestation that turns humans into "clickers".

20 years after the initial infestation, Ellie meets up with Joel at a quarantine zone in Boston. Together, they must set out and help keep each other alive in the process. Ellie is very clever and independent while still taking some orders from Joel. She also has a scar on her eyebrow that remains a mystery. Ellie loves the culture of the past, and enjoys listening to old music and reading books.

Ellie knows...

James' favorites are...
  • Hobbies: Shapeshifting, Murder
  • Color: Black, Red
James Heller is the protagonist of the upcoming game Prototype 2. He is a former US Marine Sergeant and the second Blacklight being.

14 months after the Blacklight being Alex Mercer saved the infected New York on his quest for redemption, Sgt. James Heller returns to the city, once his home, following his dismissal from a war in the Middle East. He discovers that his wife and daughter have been killed, sending him into a downward spiral of grief and rage. He heads out on a suicide mission into the heart of the Red Zone with the intention of dying in action and taking as many abominations as he can with him.

James uses...

Rayman's favorites are...
  • Music: Rock & Roll and Disco
  • Hobbies: Karate, Dancing, and Eating
  • Color: Purple
  • Animals: Lums and Rabbids
Rayman is the protagonist of the Rayman series and the upcoming game Rayman Legends. Rayman likes to hang out with his friends, take naps at the Snoring Tree, and chat with The Bubble Dreamer, the creator of his world.

Rayman has a habit of angering all sorts of unsavory inhabitants of his world, from Admiral Razorbeard to old Granny who lives in the land of the living dead.

When his snoring accidentally disturbs Granny, she sends out an army of Darktoons that capture Rayman and all the Electoons.

Rayman's hands, feet, and head are all unattached to his body. His lack of arms and wrists allow Rayman to kick and punch enemies from very far away. He can also spin his crazy hair like a helicopter, giving him the power to hover in the air.

Rayman befriends...
Rayman dislikes...

Juliet's favorites are...
  • Food: Strawberry Lollipops
  • Hobbies: Cheerleading, Karaoke and dismembering zombies
  • Color: Pink
  • Movies: The Living Dead and Legally Blonde
Juliet Starling is the protagonist of the upcoming game Lollipop Chainsaw. She's a student and cheerleader at the fictional Californian San Romero High School with a dark secret. She's a descendant of a long line of zombie hunters sworn to destroy the undead.

Unfortunately, zombies appear at her school on her 18th birthday. She’ll have to wield her pink chainsaw and use her cheerleader-inspired acrobatic skills in order to defeat the hordes of undead.

Her weapon of choice is a powerful chainsaw, which, combined with her personality and love of cute things, lends the game its name. She is also capable of performing various unarmed combat techniques based on her cheerleading.