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The next generation is imminent. Sony and Microsoft are promising big things with their upcoming hardware, and publishers have been holding information close to their chests. But things are about to change. Welcome to the Launch Portal. If you're interested in what the future is going to look like, you've come to the right place. Our community's eyes are on tomorrow. We invite you to step into the future fully equipped.

LP-Category LP-PS4 LP-Xbox
CPU AMD Jaguar x86 (8-core) AMD Jaguar x86 (8-core)
Memory 8 GB GDDR5 5500 MHz 8 GB DDR3 2133 MHz
Graphics AMD GCN 1152-SPU AMD GCN 768-SPU
Storage 500GB Hard Drive 500GB Hard Drive
Price $399 $499
Release Date November 15, 2013 November 22, 2013

Xbox One Lineup on Wikia 01:37

Xbox One Lineup on Wikia


Xbox One

• First Xbox One reviews are in. Polygon

• Xbox Live Gold subscribers will get free games on Xbox One. GameSpot

• Xbox One will not feature livestreaming at launch. Polygon

PlayStation 4

• Small number of launch PS4's experiencing technical issues. N4G

• New Uncharted game announced for PlayStation 4. Polygon

• 2.3 Million PlayStation 4 units on backorder. IGN

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