'Riverdale' S3 Promises More Romance and Way More Drama
A new teaser showed the core four on a nice Labor Day Weekend getaway, but not all was picture-perfect.
Lauren Gallaway
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A New Green Arrow May Rise in ‘Arrow’ S7 
The 'Arrow' panel at San Diego Comic-Con revealed some exciting new secrets from the upcoming Season 7, which returns this Fall.
Brittany Rivera
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Meet the New Characters in 'Fantastic Beasts' 2
The upcoming sequel to 'Fantastic Beasts' introduces a slew of new characters.
Lawrence Yee
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Stan Lee Makes a Non-MCU Movie Cameo
Stan Lee has a role in 'Teen Titans Go! To The Movies.'
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DC Hypes Black Label with SDCC Trailer
DC is about to take a dark turn with their upcoming Black Label comic book series. 
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First Look at Jensen Ackles as Archangel Michael in 'Supernatural' S14 Teaser
The actor was delivering a charming, but creepy performance in the first preview of next season's 'Supernatural.'
Adam Salandra
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