'TWD' S8 Promises Mercy ... But for Who?
**Spoiler free (yay!)** The 100th episode 'Mercy' is exhilarating and tense.
Kim Taylor-Foster
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Ranking the Saddest Deaths on ‘TWD'
Death -- and undeath -- is an eventuality in the world of 'The Walking Dead.' 
Lawrence Yee
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There's a 'Walking Dead' War Coming
100th Episode ✅ Season Premiere ✅ All Out War ✅
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'Shazam!' Director Unveiled Release Date
According to a Reddit thread, David F. Sandberg commented that the upcoming DC movie will be out in April 2019.
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JK Simmons Confirmed 'Justice League 2's Development
'They're working on scripts for The Batman and for the next Justice League movie. It introduces my incarnation of Commissioner Gordon,' he said.
Cosmic Book News
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Why ‘Wolfenstein II’ Is Staying Away from Hitler (for Now)
Whether or not to include the most infamous Nazi was thoroughly considered.
Jeremy Ray
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