Movies You Need to See in Theaters This May
Which films are going to be worth your time this summer?
Drew Dietsch
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Guillermo Del Toro Will Be the Walt Disney of DreamWorks Animation
The Oscar-winning filmmaker has signed an exclusive deal to write, produce and direct animated family films for the studio.
The Hollywood Reporter
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We Aren't Getting Another Neill Blomkamp Sci-Fi Flick Soon
Director of 'District 9,' 'Elysium,' and 'Chappie' pulled out of his crowdfunded project after only one week.
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In 'Westworld' Everbody Poops, Even Hosts
Finally, we have an answer to the most pressing question from S1 💩
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'Last Shot' Goes Deep Into Lando and Han's Bromance
Read the interview from author Daniel José Older on Star Wars' newest novel series.
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Will Marvel Finally Beat Star Wars This Year at the Box Office?
Star Wars films have beaten Marvel movies each of the past three years. This summer, though, the Avengers have the edge.
Washington Post
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'Black Panther' Crushes Other Avengers
It’s now grossed more than Iron Man, Thor, and the first Captain America combined.
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