What to Expect and What We Want to See in 'The Tick' S2
We've got a few ideas on where this superhero show is headed.
Drew Dietsch
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'The Room' Anime Intro is Perfect in Every Way
What an intro, Mark! 🏈 
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" [Catwoman] was a s--t movie. "
'Catwoman' writer wasn't a fan of the movie, just like most people.
Digital Spy
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What Are Domino’s Powers in ‘Deadpool 2’?
A quick breakdown of Domino's powers and where she came from.
Lauren Gallaway
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'Hunt: Showdown' Now on Steam Early Access
Crytek's latest game is a fresh spin on the battle royale system.  Let's hunt some monsters!
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Did 'Overwatch' Just Tease Its Next New Hero? 👀 
A 'declassified' report was posted about a mission involving Ana, Reinhardt, Torbjorn and a private named Emre Sarioglu. 
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