Who Are the X-Force in ‘Deadpool 2’?
We take a look at Wade Wilson's new super team.
Drew Dietsch
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Marvel Team-Ups We Want to See in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’
With 'Avengers: Infinity War' around the corner, we're living to see these characters team-up.
Lauren Gallaway
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" I hope that people take away from 'Scandal' that people are people and a strong woman is a strong woman. This is what life looks like. "
Producer Betsy Beers Talks Finale
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Rumor: X-Men in MCU Phase 4 Is 'Done Deal'
According to the rumor, 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' will be the final Fox mutant movie & the X-Men will join the MCU in Phase 4.
MCU Cosmic
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’80s Films Were Obsessed with These Dead Trends & Tropes
As Calvin Harris once said: 'It was acceptable in the 80s.'
Chris Tilly
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Where to Find Every Idunn Apple & Horn of Blood Mead
Most are scattered around 'God of War's main questline, but some are cleverly hidden ...
Jeremy Ray
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