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Who Won E3?
We've played the games, we've seen the announcements. Who had the best showing at E3?
Jeremy Ray
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8 Game-Changing LGBTQ Characters in Film and TV
These characters all set the bar in terms of representation.
Kim Taylor-Foster
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George Clooney In Talks To Direct Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Echo’
'Echo' is an original thriller with a sci-fi edge in which a drone specialist has a psychological crisis
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Michael B. Jordan Has Everything to Lose in 'Creed II' Trailer
Can he live up to expectations on November 21? 🥊
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AMC Challenges Moviepass With $20 Subscription Plan
From Tuesday 26 June, the cinema chain will offer the chance to see up to three movies per week for the monthly fee of $19.95. 
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Why ‘Supergirl’ S4 Needs to Refocus on the Danvers Sisters
Can we have more of the sisters just having fun please? 👭
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10 Star Trek Cameos That Are Out of This World
From Dwayne Johnson and Kirsten Dunst to Seth MacFarlane and Stephen Hawking.
Chris Tilly
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