How ‘Akira’ Changed the World of Animation Forever
The iconic cyberpunk anime not only changed the face of animation, it also continues to influence pop culture nearly 30 years later.
Karla Clark
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The Solo Storyline Is Just Getting Started 
Alden Ehrenreich caused a disturbance in the force with his contract leak, so FANDOM News asks what comes next?
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‘Venom’ First Look Gives the Comic Anti-Hero His Due
Our advanced look at 'Venom' from CinemaCon should have fans excited.
Drew Dietsch
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‘Fortnite' Mobile Tips to Make You Dance Emote on 99 Enemy Graves
Tips so tasty, your next match will feel like a battle royale ... with cheese.
Adam Mathew
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Every Show That’s Been Renewed in 2018
Take a look at all your favorites that will be officially returning into your life soon 📺
Adam Salandra
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Hulu Cancels ‘The Path’ After Three Seasons
The series, starring Aaron Paul, followed a family at the center of a controversial cult movement.
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Can FP and Alice Make a Relationship Work?
It's the 'ship that no one saw coming but everyone wants to happen.
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" There’s still so much to learn about Killer Frost & Caitlin, and just as we’re starting to scratch the surface, Killer Frost gets taken away from her "
'The Flash' Star Danielle Panabaker on Killer Frost's Disappearance
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