🎥 Review: 'Mute' Plays Like a Tone Deaf 'Blade Runner' Wannabe
Twisted characters and a even more twisted plot make for an awkward watch. 😬
Kim Taylor-Foster
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Disney's 'Frozen' Musical Has 'More Nudity Than Expected'
This musical just opened on Broadway to mixed reviews, and some patrons think it's too risqué for Disney. Well, the cold never bothered them anyway. 
the Guardian
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'DB Xenoverse 2' Introduces New Mysterious Character
The Extra Pack 2 drops on Feb 28 and includes 4 new characters: Goku Ultra instinct, Jiren, Android 17 and Fu plus the new scenario Infinite History.
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Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Daryl
Daryl is a long-time 'Walking Dead' favorite, however, fans are upset about his recent personality shift. But don't give up on him just yet.
Lyric Prince
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" Congratulations!⭐️ BTW ask for a star on the south side of the street. I’m on the north side and don’t want to devalue the neighborhood. 😝 "
William Shatner on Mark Hamill's Hollywood Walk of Fame star
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Mary J. Blige, Sufjan Stevens, Keala Settle to Perform at Oscars
Common, Andra Day, Gael Garcia Bernal, Natalia LaFourcade and Miguel will also take the stage, all performing Original Song nominations.
The Hollywood Reporter
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