What Does the Future Hold for 'Gotham'?
‘Gotham’ producer Danny Cannon teased a completely different show for season 5/
Adam Salandra
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Will Kevin Feige Keep The X-Men and Company Cool?
He might have what it takes to revamp the Fantastic Four, but is the mouse house too tame for more edgy properties?
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Follow Overwatch League Live
Watch Houston Outlaws vs. Florida Mayhem, Boston Uprising vs. London Spitfire and Philly Fusion vs. NYXL
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Disney, Please Don’t Kill 'New Mutants'
With new rumors about the Disney/Fox deal coming out, the Marvel horror film is put in a very precarious place.
Drew Dietsch
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9 Storylines Fans Want Wrapped Up in the ‘Scandal’ Finale
Gladiators still have many burning questions as 'Scandal' comes to an end.
Yael Tygiel
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Jesse Plemons Cast as Villain ‘Jungle Cruise’ 
Jesse Plemons ('Breaking Bad') is setting sail with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt in Disney’s 'The Jungle Cruise.' Perfect casting. 👌
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