'God of War' Is Back!
Celebrate the return of Kratos & get up to speed on everything before you take control of the legendary warrior.
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What Does the Future Hold for 'Gotham'?
‘Gotham’ producer Danny Cannon teased a completely different show for season 5.
Adam Salandra
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'Dog of War' Is the Game We Really Need!
Kratos must adapt to unfamiliar kennels, unexpected walks & a second chance at being petted. 
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The Top 10 British Gangster Movies
From Brighton Rock and Lock, Stock to Get Carter and Sexy Beast.
Chris Tilly
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What Are Kratos’ Powers?
The God Of War has changed and so has his repertoire.
Tom Regan
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Scarlet Witch and Vision’s Romantic History
Learn more about the unlikely ship that will anchor the romance in 'Avengers: Infinity War.'
Lauren Gallaway
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Love Your Xbox One Again with These Backwards-Compatible Greats
Forget about the lack of first party games and dive into these 360-era classics.
Mike Diver
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Why We Never Got a Sequel To DC's ‘The Losers’
Jeffrey Dean Morgan reveals that he talks about it frequently with fellow Losers Chris Evans, Idris Elba and Zoe Saldana.
Kim Taylor-Foster
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