What We Want to See in ‘A Wrinkle in Time’
From tesseract powers to the beautiful planet Uriel to the brilliant Charles Wallace, here's what we're hoping to see in the film.
Lauren Gallaway
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How Carl Could Be ‘The Walking Dead’s Key To the Cure
🚨Spoiler Alert 🚨Is Carl’s impending death a massive fake-out, and if so, could he prove to be immune from the infection?
Kim Taylor-Foster
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‘Jessica Jones’ Villains We Want to See in Season 2
Move over David Tennant, this badass femme fatale has a laundry list of villains to vanquish.
Jeremy Ray
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'Silicon Valley' S5 Trailer Brings Changes to Pied Piper
The gang returns to HBO on March 25.
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Unfinished ‘90s 'TMNT' Comic Finally Getting Its Ending
The Mirage Comics got canceled before a proper ending could be published. Now decades later 'TMNT' fans are finally getting closure.
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