May the Force Be with You
 The journey towards 'The Last Jedi.'
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Biggest Snubs, Surprises From Golden Globes
Despite a great 2017, most of your favorite films won't be getting gold statues.
Jack DeVries
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A Rebellion Crumbles in 'TWD's 'How It's Gotta Be'
**Spoiler Alert** Negan bites back hard after the attack on Sanctuary which leads a character to a grim fate in S8's mid-season finale.
Jake Labay
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John Cena Reacts to All the Dank John Cena Memes
The 'Ferdinand' star takes the bull by the horns and tackles all the John Cena memes we throw at him. Ole!
Kim Taylor-Foster
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‘Detective Pikachu’ Sets a Release Date
The upcoming live-action Pokemon film that will star Ryan Reynolds, Justice Smith and Kathryn Newton will be hitting theaters on May 10, 2019.
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First Look at Gondolas That Will Connect Disney Parks
The 'Disney Skyliner' transportation system will give resort guests an unforgettable journey and picturesque views around Disney World parks.
Disney Parks Blog
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'The Last Jedi' AR Stickers for Google Pixel 2 Have to Be the Coolest Thing Ever
Pixel’s new AR Stickers let you play with Stormtroopers, as well as Eleven, The Demogorgon and other characters from Netflix’s 'Stranger Things.'
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Why Technology Is the True Hero of Star Wars
Forget the Force -- it's all but useless against the might of technology.
Eric Fuchs
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5 Things ‘My Hero Academia: The Movie’ Will Need to Get Right
The anime is great so the film has a lot to live up to.
Lucas DeRuyter
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