TV’s Top Father Figures Who Embody Parenting Goals
These TV dads have the whole parenting thing figured out.
Yael Tygiel
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Why We Keep Watching Grim Shows Like ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’
TV drama has become relentlessly grim, so why do we keep watching?
Ali Gray
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‘FIFA 19’ Is Full of Small Changes With Huge Effects
EA isn't talking about it, but there are some changes to gameplay.
Jeremy Ray
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Stink Bombs Are Dropping on 'Fortnite' Soon
Make sure to cover your nose while playing the battle royale when it happens.
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Why ‘Star Wars Resistance’ Will Be Essential Viewing for Fans of the Movies
Following that jaw-dropping reveal at the end of 'Solo', a new Star Wars animated TV series looks set to plug gaps and impact future films.
Aaron Potter
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Marvel Debuts 'Spidergeddon' Variant Covers 🕸
In Sept. the new PS4 Spider-Man will be paying homage to some classic comic covers.
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‘Pokémon: Let’s Go’ May Have Dropped the Ball
GameFreak has made some major changes to the Poké-formula.
Tom Regan
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