‘Jessica Jones’ Villains We Want to See in Season 2
Move over David Tennant, this badass femme fatale has a laundry list of villains to vanquish.
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'Jessica Jones' Is Still Angry in New S2 Trailer 
The hard-drinking, short-fuse private investigator is back and she's still angry. 'Jessica Jones' returns on Netflix on March 8.
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Ranking the Saddest Deaths on ‘TWD'
Death -- and undeath -- is an eventuality in the world of 'The Walking Dead.' 
Lawrence Yee
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Marvel Teases 'Fresh Start' for Superhero Comic Book Line
The relaunch in May will put a focus on 'jumping-on points' for new and lapsed readers.
The Hollywood Reporter
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Jessica Chastain in Talks to Star in 'It' Sequel
Everyone's dream casting for the adult Beverly may actually come true! The sequel is slated to drop in theaters on Sept. 6, 2019.
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How Carl Grimes Could Be ‘The Walking Dead’s Key To the Cure
🚨Spoiler Alert 🚨Is Carl Grimes’s impending death in The Walking Dead a massive fake-out, and if so, could he prove to be immune from the infection?
Kim Taylor-Foster
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‘Secret of Mana’ Review: Flammie to the Moon
The SNES classic has been lovingly remade for the modern generation. But can improved aesthetics make a 25 year old game feel fresh once again?
Tom Regan
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David Harbour Dances with Penguins for a Good Cause
The 'Stranger Things' star does his now famous dance with penguins to make good on a social media promise. 
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