5 Anime That ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ Fans Need to Watch
'FMA' was an influential series that inspired many other animes out there, so here are 5 anime that every fan of the series needs to watch.
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Ellen and Reese Witherspoon Battle to Be Oprah's BFF
A competitive game of 'Who knows Oprah best?' ended up with Reese Witherspoon cast into the shade. 
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'Age of Empires: Definitive Edition' Brings a Classic up to Date
A cornerstone of the real-time strategy genre gets a loving reconstruction.
Doug Trein
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'Pokémon Go' Has Lead to Billions in Property Damage
A recent study, 'Death by Pokémon Go: The Economic and Human Cost of Using Apps While Driving,' shows just how destructive the app can be. 
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Showrunner Bruce Miller Discusses 'The Handmaid's Tale' S2
🚨Spoiler Alert 🚨He talks about what to expect, the colonies, Offred's baby, and so much more. 'The Handmaid's Tale' returns to Hulu on April 25th.
Harper's BAZAAR
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Is ‘iZombie’ Season 4 Leading to a ‘Walking Dead’ Apocalypse?
With the city on lockdown and more people becoming zombies, is 'iZombie' heading to the inevitable reality of 'The Walking Dead'?
Lauren Gallaway
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A Guide to All of Jessica Jones’ Powers
Check out FANDOM's breakdown of Jessica Jones' superpowers before Season 2 debuts on Netflix in March.
Adam Salandra
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QUIZ: How Did These 'TWD' Characters Die?
Do you remember the violent ways these 'Walking Dead' characters lost their lives?
Colette Smith
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‘Star Trek: TNG Mirror’ Comic Series Returns in May
IDW Publishing announced a 5-week comic book series event bringing Picard and the gang back to the Mirror Universe. 
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