13 Animes to Binge on Netflix & Hulu This Thanksgiving
Shirk all responsibilities and stream some of these fantastic anime shows.
Zuleika Boekhoudt
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The 13 Weirdest Moments in ‘Justice League’
 **Spoiler Alert** Including a random Russian girl, a distracting upper lip and a duplicating jacket. 
Chris Tilly
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'Final Fantasy XV: Comrades' Is a Solid Online Experience
Multiplayer expansion 'Final Fantasy XV: Comrades' may not be the deepest online experience you'll ever have, but it's enjoyable and fun nonetheless.
Alexa Ray Corriea
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The Unappreciated Video Games We’re Thankful For
Have some turkey today with a side of mash potatoes and video games. 
Nick Nunziata
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'Mr. Robot' Just Had a Moment of Truth
'Frederick & Tanya' emphasizes that these are unique, distressing times, and there’s no guarantee that the good guys will ever win again.
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