Finally There's a Dragon Ball Game with Hardcore Fighter Cred
'DBFZ' is a blast whether you're a hardcore fighting game fan or just a novice. Plus the story is a treat for longtime DB fans 🐉
Jeremy Ray
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Play 'Splatoon 2' with FANDOM #GitGud2018
This year our only goal is to get awesome at being a squid kid.
Jack DeVries
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Disney Reveals Full Cast for 'The Incredibles 2'
Sophia Bush and Bob Odenkirk are just two of the new additions that round out the already star-studded cast.
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5 Improvements ‘Metal Gear Survive’ Needs to Make Before Launch
Without Kojima's involvement, the open beta is sorely lacking in many areas. Here's how Konami can make the game work.
Lucas DeRuyter
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Razzie Noms: 'Transformers' Voted Worst of the Worst
'Transformers: The Last Knight' leads the pack with nine nominations & to absolutely no one's surprise 'The Emoji Movie' isn't far behind 😬
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The Powers That Make Black Panther Such a Badass
Vibranium, mystical herbs, and incredible natural abilities and skills combine to make Black Panther one of the most powerful Marvel superheroes.
Chris Tilly
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'Westworld' Has Wrapped Up Filming
Despite the California fires putting a damper on their schedule, the HBO hit has wrapped production on S2, and fans cannot wait for it come to TV.
Beyond Westworld
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5 Most Shocking Moments from SAG Awards
Sterling K. Brown makes history, SAG takes a stand against harassment and many more surprises!
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