'The Last Jedi' by Far the Best New Star Wars Film
**Spoiler-Free** 'Last Jedi' leaves 'Force Awakens' and 'Rogue One' in the dust. 
Drew Dietsch
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Biggest Snubs, Surprises From Golden Globes
Despite a great 2017, most of your favorite films won't be getting gold statues.
Jack DeVries
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New Harry Potter Mobile Game Announced for 2018
Developers Jam City announced that they are releasing 'Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery,' a story-driven mobile game where you can attend Hogwarts!
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May the Force Be with You
 The journey towards 'The Last Jedi.'
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'Rick and Morty' Comic Books Are Happening!!!
Fill the void before S4 with 'Rick and Morty Presents: The Vindicators,' featuring side characters like Pickle Rick, coming at you March 7th, 2018. 
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Check Out 30 Minutes of ‘Life Is Strange: Before The Storm’ Episode 3
With over a week to go until 'Before The Storm's final episode, we went to Square to get a glimpse at this highly anticipated conclusion.
Tom Regan
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'Mr. Robot' Renewed for Season 4 at USA Network
The Hollywood Reporter
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'Annihilation' Official Trailer Looks Beautiful and VERY Tense
The movie, starring Natalie Portman and based on Jeff VanderMeer’s 'Southern Reach' Trilogy comes to cinemas Feb 23, 2018.
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'Battlefront II' has released 'Resurrection',  'The Last Jedi' DLC, letting you play as Finn or Captain Phasma
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Chris Redfield Teams up with Umbrella in ‘Resident Evil 7: Not a Hero’ DLC
New threats are emerging in the 'Resident Evil' universe. But what could be scary enough to make Redfield team up with former Umbrella Corp staffers?
Jeremy Ray
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