Do 'God Of War's New Mechanics Ruin the Game?
The developers really changed the formula they had when it comes to combat in their new installment, but is this a good thing?
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‘Yakuza 6’ Proves Punching Solves Everything 👊
Sega's sixth installment is definitely the best looking and most heartwarming game in the series, but something is missing.
Jack DeVries
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What ‘Sea of Thieves’ Can Learn From Other Pirate Games
What the game lacks in substance, it makes up for in pretty landscapes and realistic ocean physics. 
Dom Peppiatt
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Marvel Is Ending Their Miles Morales 'Spider-Man' Comic
Many Spider-Man fans took a hit as Marvel announced that they're canceling the comic book series focused on the story of Miles Morales in June.
Screen Rant
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'Ark: Survival Evolved' Switch Port Confirmed
Developer Studio Wildcard announced that their dinosaur survival game will be heading to the Nintendo console.
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Will Silver Surfer Be in 'Infinity War'?
According to a recent cast listing, it's looking look the metallic hero might play a part in the upcoming Marvel film 🏄
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The ’80s Movies That Paved the Way For ‘Ready Player One’
The influence of Tron, The Goonies, Roger Rabbit and more.
Chris Tilly
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‘TWD’ S9 Will ‘Morph Back Into a Season 4, Season 5 Vibe’
New 'Walking Dead' showrunner will look to the show's peak seasons to move forward next season, says show boss Greg Nicotero.
Kim Taylor-Foster
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