E3 Sleeper Hits You Might Have Missed
We put all these sleeper hits into one video so you can be sure you haven’t missed anything from E3 2018.
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‘FIFA 19’ Is Full of Small Changes With Huge Effects
EA isn't talking about it, but there are some changes to gameplay.
Jeremy Ray
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The Most Outlandish Fan Theories for ‘Westworld’ Season 2
Was Dolores designed to look like a real person? Does the milk sustain the hosts? And more wild theories!
Lauren Gallaway
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9 ‘Hereditary’ Questions You Were Probably Too Afraid to Ask
From where you've seen that familiar treehouse scene before to the chilling echoes you think you noticed, we got you.
James McMahon
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How to Hit the Ground Running and Wreck in ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’
Boots are back on the ground again -- ensure you're not always under them.
Adam Mathew
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Will 'PUBG' Shut Down 'Fortnite'?
The Game Theorists cover the lawsuit that's causing so much tension between the two popular battle royales.
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