5 ‘Infinity War’ Characters Who Deserve a Standalone Movie
These Avengers teammates (and one villain) need to headline their own films stat.
Drew Dietsch
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" ‘Eternals’ is one of many things that we are beginning to have creative discussions about to see if we believe in them enough to put them on a slate. "
Kevin Feige Confirms 'Eternals' Movie in the Works
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'GoT' Showrunners Record Hilarious 'Rick and Morty' Audio Commentary
Peter Dinklage, David Benioff, and Dan Weiss think the 'Pickle Rick' episode might be 'the best writing in 2017.' 
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Who Is the Most Popular Avenger in the MCU?
We've assembled all the heroes in 'Infinity War' to see who you've been looking up the most.
Maggie Owens
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" Certainly it won’t impact the five movies we’ve announced, and it probably wouldn’t impact anything for a handful of years after that "
Kevin Feige on Fox Marvel characters joining the MCU
The Playlist
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Moon Knight Is Headed for the MCU 
According to Kevin Feige, the debut of Marc Spector isn't a question of if, but when.
Screen Rant
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What's Next For Battle Royal Games?
We caught up with Player Unknown at the BAFTA Games Awards to see what he thinks of all the success that's followed 'PUBG'.
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