It's Official: Disney Is Acquiring 21st Century Fox Assets
The House of Mouse will now have the rights to 'X-Men', 'Deadpool', 'Avatar', FX Networks and 'The Simpsons' among others.
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New 'Black Panther' TV Spot Shows T'Challa Being a Leader
The latest (badass) trailer shows Black Panther both as a fighter and as a leader in his alter-ego, T'Challa.
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‘PUBG’ Has Finally Arrived on Xbox – and It’s a Massive Disappointment
After months of anticipation, the biggest shooter of 2017 has finally made it to Microsoft's console - and it hasn't been worth the wait.
Tom Regan
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Will ‘Mr. Robot’ Learn From ‘Lost’s Mistakes?
Puzzle shows like 'Lost' are great at generating fan discussion, but don't always follow through. Is 'Mr. Robot' heading in the same direction?
Jess DP
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FANDOM Plays: Night in the Woods: Weird Autumn Edition
We're heading back to Possum Springs to get weird in the best game of 2017 that you didn't play.
Jack DeVries
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CW Is Bringing Back Arsenal for 'Arrow' S6
'We’re thrilled to announce that Colton Haynes will be reprising his role as Roy Harper for a short arc on Arrow this year,' CW announced.
Screen Rant
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'Dragon Ball FighterZ' Confirms Three 'DBS' Characters Will Join the Fight 
The god of destruction Beerus, the legendary assassin Hit and the evil Goku Black have all been added to the upcoming Dragon Ball game's roster. 
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