'TWD' S8 Promises Mercy, but for Who?
*Spoiler free (yay!)* The 100th episode "Mercy" is exhilarating and tense.
Kim Taylor-Foster
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'Ragnarok' Is a Sight for Thor Eyes 
One of Marvel's best movies yet, you'll leave the cinema grinning.
Chris Tilly
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'Battlefront II' Producer Reveals the 3 Pillars of the Game
These features will dominate both singleplayer and multiplayer 'Battlefront II'.
Jeremy Ray
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Get Ready for the 13 Nights of Halloween
Freeform has released the full schedule for their annual 13 Nights of Halloween marathon.
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'Van Helsing' Episode 3's Tragedy, Explained
'Van Helsing's showrunner reveals the thinking behind the game-changing episode, 'Love Bites'. 
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Daisy Ridley, Luke Evans and Josh Gad in New Superhero Comedy?
The three stars are all attached to a mysterious new script from the writers of 'Moana'. 
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