The ‘Metal Gear Survive’ Beta Is Haunted by ‘The Phantom Pain’
It's not entirely clear what it's trying to be, but it sure as hell isn't a Metal Gear game.
Eric Fuchs
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The Powers That Make Black Panther Such a Badass
Vibranium, mystical herbs, and incredible natural abilities and skills combine to make Black Panther one of the most powerful Marvel superheroes.
Chris Tilly
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Finally There's a Dragon Ball Game with Hardcore Fighter Cred
'DBFZ' is a blast whether you're a hardcore fighting game fan or just a novice. Plus the story is a treat for longtime DB fans 🐉
Jeremy Ray
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How the Infinity Stones Could Change the MCU Forever
Those colored rocks that purple guy wants have the potential to open up the MCU in ways we haven't seen yet.
Drew Dietsch
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Slaying Titans Has Never Felt Better
Here's our first hands-on impressions of the upcoming 'Attack on Titan 2' for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.
Jada Griffin
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'Duke Nukem' Film to Possibly Get John Cena to Star
The well-known actor/wrestler is in talks to play the lead role in the upcoming film adaptation of the popular video game franchise.
The Hollywood Reporter
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Ryan Reynolds, Fox Developing New 'Clue' Movie
The live-action movie inspired by the iconic game would be penned by 'Deadpool' writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese.
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