‘GOT’ Storylines We Still Want Resolved
Let's hope we get some answers in the final two episodes of Season 7.
Kim Taylor-Foster
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QUIZ: Jon Snow Quote or Emo Song Lyric?
'Game of Thrones fans,' can you tell the difference between Jon Snow's sulkiest quotes and some emo song lyrics?
Maggie Owens
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New 'Ragnarok' int'l trailer features Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange can see Thor's destiny in new 'Ragnarok' trailer.
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Stan Lee Wants a Silver Surfer Movie
'He’s the one I want to see more. He’s the most philosophical of all the characters I’ve ever worked on,' Stan Lee said of the Silver Surfer
Screen Rant
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'Underworld' Director Joins 'The Gifted'
'Underworld' director Len Wiseman will be an executive producer on 'The Gifted' while also directing the second episode of the season.
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Another 'GOT' Episode Leaks
HBO España & HBO Nordic accidentally dropped S7E6 of 'GOT' online in their territories four days ahead of schedule. The show was up for a full hour.
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Apple Sets $1B Budget for Original Shows, Movies
Tech giant Apple has targeted $1 billion in spending for original television series and films over the next year.
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'COD: WW2' Beta Release Date, Maps Confirmed
A private beta for 'WW2' runs Aug. 25-28 on PS4, and for Xbox One and PS4 on Sept. 1-4. The game officially drops Nov. 3. 
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