‘God Of War’ Trades Button-Mashing Brutality For Emotional Gameplay
Forget the combo-chaining god simulator of old. Kratos' brand new adventure will leave you feeling surprisingly vulnerable.
Tom Regan
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'God of War' Will Bring Out All the Feels 😭
It could be as emotional as 'The Last of Us.' 
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🎥 'Adventure Time' Wraps up with One Final Adventure
After ten seasons, 'Adventure Time' comes to an end.  The final episodes are set to premiere mid-June. 
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'Infinity War' Creators Explain Hawkeye's Marketing Absence
Apparently 'he has a unique reaction to the ‘Civil War’ situation' which puts him 'on his own journey', according to the Russo brothers.
The Playlist
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‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ Director Reveals Secrets of the New Jaegers
Steven DeKnight spills the beans on the new Jaegers, including the mysterious Obsidian Fury.
Chris Tilly
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‘The Walking Dead’ Boss Says S8 Finale Ties Up Lots of Storylines
...and the strangers about to make an appearance aren't who you think they are.
Kim Taylor-Foster
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Zak Penn Wants To Expand 'The Matrix' Universe
The screenwriter is desperate to bring back the franchise -- but with potentially brand new characters.
Screen Rant
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