What We’d Like to See in a Solo Lando Movie
With 'Solo' now in cinemas, this is what we want from a spin-off about its coolest character.
Chris Tilly
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7 Most Frustrating Video Game Enemies in History
These were some of the most annoying creatures we've ever had to face.
Carlos Rivera
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" Shuri becomes a savage in the comic books. From going to comedic and fun and like a kid – to then just pulling out some claws. I’m excited. "
Letitia Wright wants Shuri to become the Black Panther
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5 Anime and Manga to Check Out This June
Here are a few titles to check out before summer gets started.
Zuleika Boekhoudt
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Does the Storytelling Work in 'Detroit: Become Human'?
The PS4 debut from ‘Heavy Rain’ creators Quantic Dream is here. But does this sci-fi tale raise the bar for interactive storytelling?
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Where ‘Solo’ Fits in the Star Wars Timeline
Thanks to Chewie's age, we now know where 'Solo' is set in the Star Wars timeline.
Lauren Gallaway
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