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" The first Pokemon game I had was Pokemon Gold, which is why Totodile is, to this day, my favorite Pokemon. "
Jurassic World star Justice Smith, who will star as a trainer in 'Detective Pikachu.' 
The Hollywood Reporter
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5 Netflix Documentaries That Are Scarier Than Fiction
From 'The Staircase' and 'The Keepers' to 'Making a Murderer' and 'Evil Genius.'
Chris Tilly
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‘Roseanne’ Spinoff Set to Debut This Fall on ABC
'The Conners’ will star John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, and Sara Gilbert.
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'Westworld' Creators Promise They Won't Leave You Feeling Lost
'I think we are interested in dismantling the mystery box, opening it up, looking at what it is, putting it together.'
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Multiple Star Wars Films Are Still in Development
Lucasfilm says reports are 'inaccurate' that Star Wars Story films are on hold. In fact 'multiple' unannounced films are in the works.
ABC News
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Could 'Solo's Poor Launch Be a Blessing in Disguise?
FANDOM News covers Disney pressing the pause button on more Star Wars standalone films after 'Solo's bad opening.
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