Streaming Shows You Should Be Watching
New monsters creep in Stranger Things, Lady Gaga takes you behind the scenes and Mindy takes her final bow in this year's best fall streaming.
Lauren Gallaway
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‘Kingsman 2' Takes No. 1 Spot from 'IT'
'The Golden Circle' opened at nearly $40 million knocking 'IT' from the top spot while 'Ninjago' disappointed with a ~$21M opening.
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How to Watch 'Star Trek: Discovery'
You'll have to purchase CBS All Access to stream 'Discovery' after the season premiere. The service currently costs $5.99 per month.
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Arrowverse Crossover to Be Like a 'Four-Hour Movie'
'Arrow' star Stephen Amell commented that CW's Arrowverse crossover, titled 'Crisis On Earth-X,' is going to be massive.
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New 'Thor 3' Posters Released
Just looking at these will make any Marvel fan even more hyped for the third installment of the god of lightning's film series. 
Flickering Myth
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Danny Elfman Celebrates 'Batman Day'
The composer who is currently working on the 'Justice League' film wishes all you Dark Knight fans out there a happy 'Batman Day.'
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