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Most Cringeworthy Moments from Monday's 'The Bachelor' 
The women are forced to bodyslam each other in a 'GLOW'-inspired challenge on 'The Bachelor.'
Adam Salandra
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Why Black Panther and Storm's Marriage Is So Important
The romance between T'Challa and Storm won't be shown in 'Black Panther.' Here's why their marriage is important and why they broke up.
Lauren Gallaway
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Play 'Splatoon 2' with FANDOM #GitGud2018
This year our only goal is to get awesome at being a squid kid.
Jack DeVries
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Trailers That Spoiled The Entire Movie
These trailers had major spoilers! Nice going, Hollywood!
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65 Manga That Inspired Anime on Sale All Week
Titles like 'Ghost in the Shell' & 'Attack on Titan' are up 50 percent off.
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Why Supergirl’s Legion of Superheroes Deserves a Spin-Off
The massive team of heroes deserve more than to just play second fiddle to Kara.
Connor Ahluwalia
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